protocol AnyObject

The protocol to which all classes implicitly conform.

When used as a concrete type, all known @objc methods and properties are available, as implicitly-unwrapped-optional methods and properties respectively, on each instance of AnyObject. For example:

class C {
  @objc func getCValue() -> Int { return 42 }

// If x has a method @objc getValue()->Int, call it and
// return the result.  Otherwise, return nil.
func getCValue1(x: AnyObject) -> Int? {
  if let f: ()->Int = **x.getCValue** {
    return f()
  return nil

// A more idiomatic implementation using "optional chaining"
func getCValue2(x: AnyObject) -> Int? {
  return **x.getCValue?()**

// An implementation that assumes the required method is present
func getCValue3(x: AnyObject) -> **Int** {
  return **x.getCValue()** // x.getCValue is implicitly unwrapped.

See also: AnyClass

Import import Swift