struct UTF32

A codec for UTF-32.

Inheritance UnicodeCodecType View Protocol Hierarchy →
Associated Types
CodeUnit = UInt32

A type that can hold code unit values for this encoding.

Import import Swift





Static Methods

static func encode(_:inout:)

Encode a UnicodeScalar as a series of CodeUnits by put'ing each CodeUnit to output.


static func encode<S : SinkType where CodeUnit == CodeUnit>(input: UnicodeScalar, inout output: S)

Instance Methods

mutating func decode(inout:)

Start or continue decoding a UTF sequence.

In order to decode a code unit sequence completely, this function should be called repeatedly until it returns UnicodeDecodingResult.EmptyInput. Checking that the generator was exhausted is not sufficient. The decoder can have an internal buffer that is pre-filled with data from the input generator.

Because of buffering, it is impossible to find the corresponing position in the generator for a given returned UnicodeScalar or an error.

next: a generator of code units to be decoded.


mutating func decode<G : GeneratorType where CodeUnit == CodeUnit>(inout input: G) -> UnicodeDecodingResult