struct Zip2<S0 : SequenceType, S1 : SequenceType>

A sequence of pairs built out of two underlying sequences, where the elements of the ith pair are the ith elements of each underlying sequence.

Inheritance SequenceType, _SequenceType, _Sequence_Type View Protocol Hierarchy →
Associated Types
Stream1 = S0.Generator
Stream2 = S1.Generator
Generator = ZipGenerator2<S0.Generator, S1.Generator>

A type whose instances can produce the elements of this sequence, in order.

Element = Generator.Element

Type alias inferred.

Import import Swift



Construct an instance that makes pairs of elements from s0 and s1.


init(_ s0: S0, _ s1: S1)

Instance Methods

func generate()

Return a generator over the elements of this sequence.

Complexity: O(1)


func generate() -> Generator