Operator: ..<

infix operator ..< { associativity none precedence 135 }


func ..< <Bound : Comparable>(_: Bound, end: Bound)

Returns a half-open interval from start to end.


func ..<<Bound : Comparable>(start: Bound, end: Bound) -> HalfOpenInterval<Bound>
func ..< <Pos : ForwardIndexType where Pos : Comparable>(_: Pos, end: Pos)

Forms a half-open range that contains start, but not end.

Requires: start <= end.


func ..<<Pos : ForwardIndexType where Pos : Comparable>(start: Pos, end: Pos) -> Range<Pos>
func ..< <Pos : ForwardIndexType>(_: Pos, maximum: Pos)

Forms a half-open range that contains minimum, but not maximum.


func ..<<Pos : ForwardIndexType>(minimum: Pos, maximum: Pos) -> Range<Pos>