func getVaList(_: [CVarArg])

Returns a CVaListPointer that is backed by autoreleased storage, built from the given array of arguments.

You should prefer withVaList(_:_:) instead of this function. In some uses, such as in a class initializer, you may find that the language rules do not allow you to use withVaList(_:_:) as intended.

If you need to pass an optional pointer as a CVarArg argument, use the Int(bitPattern:) initializer to interpret the optional pointer as an Int value, which has the same C variadic calling conventions as a pointer on all supported platforms.

args: An array of arguments to convert to a C va_list pointer. Returns: A pointer that can be used with C functions that take a va_list argument.


func getVaList(_ args: [CVarArg]) -> CVaListPointer