protocol CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable

A type that explicitly supplies its own playground Quick Look.

The CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable protocol is deprecated, and will be removed from the standard library in a future Swift release. To customize the logging of your type in a playground, conform to the CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible protocol.

If you need to provide a customized playground representation in Swift 4.0 or Swift 3.2 or earlier, use a conditional compilation block:

#if swift(>=4.1) || (swift(>=3.3) && !swift(>=4.0))
    // With Swift 4.1 and later (including Swift 3.3 and later),
    // conform to CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible.
    extension MyType: CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible { /*...*/ }
    // Otherwise, on Swift 4.0 and Swift 3.2 and earlier,
    // conform to CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable.
    extension MyType: CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable { /*...*/ }

Deprecated: CustomPlaygroundQuickLookable will be removed in a future Swift version. For customizing how types are presented in playgrounds, use CustomPlaygroundDisplayConvertible instead..

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Import import Swift

Instance Variables

var customPlaygroundQuickLook: PlaygroundQuickLook Required

A custom playground Quick Look for this instance.

If this type has value semantics, the PlaygroundQuickLook instance should be unaffected by subsequent mutations.


var customPlaygroundQuickLook: PlaygroundQuickLook { get }