protocol TextOutputStreamable

A source of text-streaming operations.

Conforming Types Character, Double, Float, Float80, String, StringProtocol, Substring, Unicode.Scalar

Instances of types that conform to the TextOutputStreamable protocol can write their value to instances of any type that conforms to the TextOutputStream protocol. The Swift standard library's text-related types, String, Character, and Unicode.Scalar, all conform to TextOutputStreamable.

Conforming to the TextOutputStreamable Protocol

To add TextOutputStreamable conformance to a custom type, implement the required write(to:) method. Call the given output stream's write(_:) method in your implementation.

Instance Methods

func write(to target: inout Target) Required

Writes a textual representation of this instance into the given output stream.


func write<Target>(to target: inout Target) where Target: TextOutputStream